Let me introduce you to this remarkable protection program, unique in India. The items were chosen with great consistency. None of the components of the problem of protection has been forgotten. I hope that this program similaires.

Three lovers of wildlife Rajardhan Sharma, Navneet Agarwal and Deepak Talan began a program of protection during the summer of 2006. At this time, they felt the equipment requirements of the Forest Department, but the budget was insufficient. Finally, after a hard work preparing for this mission, Raj, Navneet, Deepak and their friends started their own conservation program.
Lalit Rajora recently joined them. He is responsible for the photos and design products TGI.

Tiger Guards of India has provided Rs 3.5 million / € 58,300 over the past 3 years.

The total donations to the end of May 2009 was Rs 6.5 million or € 108,300

The protection program of Tiger Guards of India

Concerted efforts towards the Forest Department and villagers.

  • Material assistance to the Forest Department and villagers

To the Forest Department, TGI has given bicycles and motorcycles for patrols and lights for night surveillance. TGI has offered quality shoes, warm jackets for the 525 guards.
TGI help change hundreds of checkpoints by providing photovoltaic lamps, mosquito nets, medical kits, boxes rations, etc. ...
A tractor was given at the end of 2009. He served in the relocation of villages Maghdi and Kullva Bah. The department will use to renovate pastures released for growing plant wild species.
TGI provides medical and educational facilities in villages. TGI publicize tribal culture and crafts.
TGI has bought an ambulance for the seriously ill villagers. It will be used only for the poor, managed by TGI, and use is free.

TGI tries to explain to villagers that conservation can not go against their intérêts.

  • Compensation for cattle

TGI observed for years that the loss of livestock killed by canivores were the cause of multiple poisoning of tigers. Raj with whom I spoke on the subject, estimates that 65% of the dead tigers due to poisoning, rather than poaching.

In five years, the human population and their livestock have increased ten time around Bandhavgarh. The cattle are brought to graze in the forests, it is sometimes killed by tigers and they are so poisoned (see for Dabhadol and Bamera). Thus the regime of Bandhavgarh Tiger includes a large percentage of livestock and the problem worsens every day.
For villagers, the loss of cattle is important. A cow gives milk to the family, using a buffalo to work the fields. But people are too poor to buy livestock lost. Then they poison animals fault (tiger or leopard) to destroy the problem.

To prevent poisoning, TGI compensate villagers for the loss of livestock killed by tigers or leopards. TGI organizes meetings in outlying villages where the problems are addressed, discussed and resolved.

  • Education of children in discovering the wonders of the park

There are 70 villages in the outskirts of Bandhavgarh. Every day the tourists will come and go in these villages in the park. The poor villagers see these tourists go to the park so that poverty prevents them from accessing it. This desire to see this forest is much appreciated by tourists is especially high among children, but the feeling of exclusion created negative effects of resentment.

To dispel this negative effect, TGI has buy two vehicles that will bring 40 children every day see tigers and nature. Will be rotated so that all the village children can benefit from their forest.
Naturalist will accompany paid by TGI to explain the role of forests and the importance of animals. The entrances are free and gasoline is supported by TGI. In turn, kids can teach their parents the benefits of protection. As thousands of guards will be created. A future generation to save the remaining tigers of Bandhavgarh.

  • How to raise the necessary funds ?

TGI has developed products in conjunction with wildlife. They are available at Nature Heritage Resort and also at the park entrance of Bandhavgarh. The sale of these products feeds the action of TGI. Donations are also accepted.

  • Reaching

TGI has plans to expand its fleet to educate more children. 5 jeeps would good figure.TGI would also erect an electrified fence around the park. Cost is € 12,000 per km.

You see, the program of TGI goes far beyond the life of many of us, because the task is immense. Do not think that everything is won.
Thus we ensure our children to see those beautiful animals free and untouched by humans finally accepting them for who they are.
Living beings have same rights on our common planet.

If you want to protect tigers and do something for them, the time has come.
Then it will be too late.

If India is very far away for you, if you do not know how to help but want to participate in these actions to safeguard, join me, Pierre - Tigres et Nature -

List of donations TGI

  • At the Department of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve::

In 2009

512 mosquito ness
194 rations of food
1 jeep
525 ombrellas
200 torches

Total 1.752.500 Rs / 26.960 €

In 2010 (to end march)

1 tracteor
550 winter jackets for good quality guards patrol
550 pairs of shoes good quality guards patrol
Various items
1 ambulance
2 motorcycles TVS Apache
Bonus distributed to rangers effective

Total 4.050.000 Rs / 62.310 €

  • In the livestock compensation program in 2009

429.000 Rs / 7.150 € / 10.000 $

  • The program for children in 2010

2 jeeps