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Update my datas on tiger's population in India.

A great story for this season.
A tigress orphan who finds the freedom she never knew and started a family. Surprising? ...
Yes, I would say unbelievable, but it is the magical world of tigers, .. pierrecheron

December 2011
9+ 1 =10
Tigers dead
Kaziranga 05/12 Bandipur KA 31/12
Kilpura X2 UT 13/12
Corbett UT 14/12
Dechuari UT 17/12
Udhagamangal TN 18/12
Taboba MA 18/12
Sunderbans WB 20/12
Bandipur KA 30/12
19 + 14 = 33


November 2011
1+ 4 = 5
Tigers dead
Bandhavgarh MP 21/11 Tadoba MA 03/11
Haldwhani UT 07/11
Bhoramdeo CH 15/11
Tipeshwar MA 20/11

The death of king B2 (Dithoo)

I just returned from a long trip to Africa and now it announces the death of B2 today.

B2 was the king of the tigers of Bandhavgarh. He was born in April 1997 and began his reign with Chakradara and her first litter in June 2000 (2 small - Challenger (M) and Narang (F))
Then he sat with his status females Amanala, and Mirchani Churbara. All its four females gave thanks to him 36 small to Bandhavgarh. Almost all survived thanks to the protection of this powerful tiger and it is likely that either his son Bamera who gave him the coup de grace. I had witnessed a fight aborted in April.

B2 has died aged 14 years and a half which is a rarrissime age for a male tiger wild. Only an exceptional tiger as B2 could reach that age having had an alpha male reign for more than 11 years. I know of no other examples and there is probably no.

From him I would keep many memories that they gave me the emotion can not be expressed.
One of them during a long photo shoot he had granted. I was lying on the floor of the jeep to be at its height and began to roll off me without eyes, then he stopped on his back legs in the air, staring at me forever. After a minute he finished his roll, he rose, marked its territory and disappeared.

Goodbye my friend.

Tadoba: 4 cubs were born in the sector Moharli. Hindustan Time

A Bharomdeo wildlife sanctuary, 3 and 2 poachers forest guards have combined to poison to death a 6-year-old tigress.The Asian Age

The zone of Umred Bhiwapur near Tadoba has a population of 17 tigers counted. Environmental activists call the protected status for this place but the stakes are too strong for that. The Indian Express

For 75 years the park was created by Corbett, a new protection plan has been launched. 24h/24h monitoring permanence with nine watchtowers equipped with cameras and thermal infrared. A new military force of 112 men is also being recruited.

One big problem of Corbett is the reduced surface which does not allow young tigers to settle on a territory, where conflicts with human populations. Park officials requesting an extension of Corbett. This would give an area of 2400 km2 for 1300 today.

Another is the huge number of hotels that have grown on the park boundary. The fiestas that are operated and loud music disturb wildlife. The Indian Express

No there are no other places to make the java?

A tigress 6 years old was transferred from Kanha to Panna. Mail Today

6 poachers arrested in Similipal, unfortunately reserve archi poached. The Pioneer

The National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has expressed its opposition to any move to allow tourism or any other human activity in critical habitat of the tiger. The Asian Age

A petition to ban tourism in reserves of Madhya Pradesh has shaken the local tourism industry by focusing the spotlight again on the battle between environmentalists and private industry.

A special petition to the Supreme Court filed by an NGO based in Bhopal is coming for hearing on November 9. The applicant, Ajay Dubey, seeking a global ban on hotels, cottages, lodges in the vicinity of tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh. The Economic Age

A comprehensive plan for the park of Kanha, the relocation of 28 villages from the main area and 17 from the buffer zone. The reason for this procedure is probably the dramatic fall of the population of tigers (60 in 2011, but 127 in 2002 and 107 in 1997). thepioneer
October 2011
0+ 1 = 1
Tigers dead
Champawat UT 13/10
Tanakpur UT 13/10

This tiger had attacked livestock.
Forest Department was called to move the animal in a safer place.
10,000 angry villagers arrived before the guards. They beat the animal to death
September 2011
4+ 0 = 4
Tigers dead
Nauradehi MP 02/09
Kaziranga AS 06/09
Corbett UT 19/09
Rajnandgaon CH 24/09
Then the villagers have returned victorious the body of the tiger in the village to celebrate the festivities. The tiger had made the mistake of being a tiger and died. dailybhaskar

The reserve of Nagarjuna Sagar Srisailam, the largest of India with its 3568 km2, is estimated to have around 70 adults and 20 young tigers. indianexpress

In Ranthambore, four tigers have disappeared.Mr Sahai, chief wildlife warden of the park of Ranthambore, officially announces the death of three tigers (T21, T29, T40) and a tiger (T27). A tiger is "missing" since December, the others since February.
August 2011
3+ 3 = 6
Tigers dead
Sunderbans WB 08/08 Nagarhole KA 23/08
Badhra KA 12/08 Delhi HA 12/08
Tadoba MA 23/08 Tadoba MA 25/08
Mr Sahai hopes to find the tiger because it has not been discovered body. timesofindia
Simply, why not recognize that poaching is still alive and well.

More space for the tigers of Palamau. A directive approved 12 years ago (!) will be finally applied. This notification extended the boundaries of the reserve from 1026 to 1326 km2. So hopefully, this park will be bigger soon (relative concept in India) telegraphindia

Poachers have just been arrested with five tiger skins: a grown tiger (probably the mother) and four cubs. In a sudden, these murderers have destroyed a family and destroyed months of protection.. timesofindia
July 2011
2+ 5 = 7
Tigers dead
Corbett UT 28/07 5 x Panipat HA 20/07
Dudhwa UTP 29/07
GPS system to track the tigers, three tigers and a new male tiger in Sariska. pierrecheron

The two young male Mirchani tigers, Bandhavgarh, were sent to Van Vihar Zoo. They are responsible for the death of a park employee. (...) pierrecheron

A news thrills me. Perhaps the revival of Manas. Earlier this year, I met a people who had made a film BBC 30 years ago on Manas. She showed me the emotional (...) pierrecheron

In attention, it perceives the large number of proposals for new tiger reserves. This is surely a good sign.But there does not have a hidden agenda? Difficult to separate things. pierrecheron

Doing a search on the tigers of Sunderbans, I came across an amazing new.
A crocodile breeding center, 400 were released in the mangroves of the park. Not in order to repopulate with this species, but ... to protect tigers. Crocodiles bask on the banks to prevent the intrusion of poachers and people who collect forest products.

The three tiger skins seized at Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) on June 11 mangalorean, and seized 15 kilos of bones in Manipur in Assam on May 1 are not included in the official count of seizures.
4 of 31 tigers, that's 12% of falsification (discovery for all to see). Hop, it comes out statistics, smooth.

Three more tigers in Sariska. This reserve, despite its 5 tigers, can not reproduce. Blame it on too much consaguinity.
But how is it that Ranthambore with more than 40 years of follow up, does not the rules of inbreeding? (...)
June 2011
3+ 3 = 6
Tigers dead
Corbett UT 01/06 3 x Bhelupur UP 11/06
Corbett UT 07/06
Nagarhole KA 21/06
28 + 7 = 35
The sanction fall and law applies (finally!). 5 and 7 years in jail for eight poachers who had killed the tigers of Sariska in 2002. Conviction of financial 2400, 1400 or 500 € they were also imposed. Small hands are punished. But what about the responsible officials who were involved? ibnlive

Now we expect the research responsibilities of the massacre of Panna least talked about but was higher (24 tigers Sariska, Panna Tiger 32). Here it will be harder because of "oil" have dipped it.

The relocation of some villages in Melghat is in progress. The boundaries of the core and buffer zones of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve have been completed. Tadoba Reserve will be closed this summer for the first time, to allow the animals to breathe. The objectives of replanting trees have been exceeded. The state of Maharashtra is moving. The results are there. Increase in the number of tigers by 2007. economictimes

Poor record for famous Corbett Park: 12 tigers died in 5 months.
The ransom of a park with a very high density of cats resulting in territorial disputes.

In Varanasi, arrest of two poachers in possession of three tiger skins. mangalorean

Behavior rarely observed in Ranthambore. In early February, a tigress T5 was dead and had left his two orphaned cubs 3 months old. At this age, they have no chance of survival.
Park staff have fed them in the wild. A recent photo of a camera trap showed T25, the father, with a cub. It is certain that T25 has protected and has not eaten meat for them.
indiatimes Tigers have clearly not finished to surprise us.

The Tiger Reserve Kalakad Mundanthurai (KMTR) sees its tiger population doubled in 3 years 6-8 in 2007, from 15 to 18 in 2011. The good behavior of communities and the effective action of the 110 anti-poaching rangers have this result. ibnlive

Congratulations to the guards in Kaziranga. Their dedication helps to fight successfully against poachers. This time their quick response may have avoided the death to a new rhino. timesofindia

About 200 tigers were killed by poachers in 12 years. I'm still shocked (not surprised) by the fact that the authorities consider that the number of tigers poached is the number of tigers seized from poachers. That is to say that 100/100% of poaching is being collected and there is no tiger parts arriving in China or elsewhere. Each will be his opinion. thehindu

Experts estimate that 80% of poaching are not captured, so the real figure is closer to 1000 tigers killed.

There is currently in a massive disinformation campaign on this issue in India, since the figures on the number of tigers in "up".

The Minister of Forests, Mr Jairam Ramesh, has made a major announcement. He asked the directors of the 39 Tiger Reserves to perform an annual census of tigers with camera traps.
May 2011
2+ 1 = 3
Tigers dead
Corbett UT 28/05 Manipur AS 01/05
Corbett UT 03/05
This frequency was long requested by scientists. This will begin in November 2011. So far this count was done every 4 years. Performed every year, we can better track the number and health of tiger populations. indianexpress

The 16, Gujarat begins counting its leopards. In 2006, the number was 1070 including 360 in parks and sanctuaries. timesofindia
One of the best news of 2 months. Rajasthan has planned the construction of a vegetable corridor between Keoladeo, Ramgarh, Dara, Ranthambore, Sawai Mansingh, Jawahar Sagar.
The project is supported financially by a Japanese organization and will last 8 years.
April 2011
4+ 0 = 0
Tigers dead
Corbett UT 22/04
Kaziranga AS 12/04
Nagarhole KA 07/04
Corbett UT 01/04
Ranthambore: T8 just given birth to 2 cubs. The tigress T19 also seems mother. Awaiting confirmation.

Sawai Singh sanctuary provides the relocation of two villages. A tigress with 2 cubs moved into the area, showing the ability of the territory to support a small population of tigers.

Maddhya Praddesh state ordered to re-count tigers in Kanha. The population has plummeted from 89 (year 2006) to 60 currently.

Several reservations were ravaged by forest fires (Tadoba, Valmiki,...)

A budget has been allocated for the relocation of villages in Maddya Praddesh to establish buffer zone around the reserves.

Three new reserves will be notified in Maharashtra (Navegaon, Nagzira and Bor). Also the rehabilitation of villages in Tadoba and Melghat will be conducted.

An additional space will be created in Corbett. This corridor is used by tigers, connects the dense forests of the 2 sides of the Kosi river. The relocation of 1000 households of the village of Sunderkhal should end conflicts that have trained 40 human deaths and 8 deaths of tigers in the last 6 months.

An outcry against the figures announced on the tiger population. Experts (Ullas Karanth, Valmik Thapar, Belinda Wright, ..) question on the estimation of tigers while occupied space decreased by 20%, and states like Orissa or Maddya Pradesh on their figures declining alarmingly. Otherwise the operation is successful, the opinion is happy, the tigers were rescued. It is commonly understood that despite the many doubts raised. At the next census, the fall will be hard.

March 2011
2+ 2 = 4
Tigers dead
Corbett UT 05/03 Amanalai TN 04/03
Bandhavgarh MP 04/03 Nagpur MA 16/03
19 + 3 = 22

Census of in India:


First observation: The number is rising. Not really surprised, I announced it a year ago ...

Second observation: Of the 5 regions, 4 are on the rise. The 5th with 601 in 2007, ended up with 601 in 2010!
This looks very much like art to have its cake and cabbage. Specialty very popular in India.

Third observation: Why is it that IT managers or scientists, who participated in the census, you disclose figures that are very different on the final report?

Fourth observation: We are told that 30% of tigers are found outside protected areas. How has been done to evaluate? The cameras are placed in parks ...

Fifth observation: We were told that the drastic decrease in numbers between 2002 and 2007 was due to the fact that tigers had disappeared off the parks. Now they reappear for 30% of the total?!

Sixth observation: 550 tigers were recorded. It is urgent to know how the extrapolation was made to find these ghost tigers outside the parks.

I think this is an operation of com' for the national and international opinion.
(why India, which owns half of the tigers had she not attended the summit in St Petersburg?)

A new tiger has been brought from Kanha to Panna. Now park has 3 tigress, 1 male tiger and 5 cubs.

In Bandhavargh, the tigress Churbara recently killed by Kankati, a daughter of Jhurjura. The guards discovered Kankati eating her rival, who was 9 years old.

Fateh Singh Rathore has died at the age of 72.

Former field director at Ranthambore, Fateh Singh Rathore had joined the Indian Forest Service in 1960 and had sought to protect tigers in Ranthambore and leading a relentless battle against poachers.

The stupidity of the month: Forestry minister of West Bengal find that the population of leopards, elephants and rhinos has increased too (?) There are 3 options:
  • Sell animals to individuals
  • Sterilize animals
  • Sell the animals to foreign zoos
February 2011
8+ 0 = 8
Tigers dead
Sunderbans WB 28/02
Corbett UT 19/02
Nagarhole KA 14/02
Mudummalai TN 13/02
Wyanad KE 10/02
Ranthambore RA 09/02
Corbett UT 05/02
Similipal OR 02/02
A new tiger is being brought to Sariska. These T-7, a refugee now in Bharatpur.
Now there are five tigers at Sariska.

Wednesday is a holiday for the tigers of Bandhavgarh. The park will be closed on Wednesday from 1 April. Is scheduled closing Tala (where there are tigers) from October. Only VIPs can return. The entrance fee is of 4500 rupees per safari (73 €). Are 150 € / day for entries only. To add the jeeps, guides, accommodations. In short, those who have followed my advice have been inspired to come now. For others, the bill will double when the new season.

Maharashtra will provide an armed force which will act on protection of Tadoba and Pench parks (totaling six tigers). It is for each 112 people armed charge.

Six poachers just been arrested in Corbett. They had skins of leopards and traps.
The arrests are more numerous than in the past. I often against the storm that inaction of the authorities, it is right that makes this point very positive.

The negligence of the authorities of the Ranthambore park is in the center of the debate. Treated earlier, the tiger would be alive and his cubs too. Recall that it was the intervention of a minister who visited the park, has a preview of the health problem tigress T5. He intervened to seek treatment too late.

Monitoring, more ... a baby tiger has disappeared ... But discussions continue ...

In the park of Ranthambore, the tigress was found dead T5. She leaves two little orphans of 3 months.
The authorities are discussing whether they will put the cubs safe at Sariska or Ranthambore.

Meanwhile, cubs without their mothers, are left in the jungle without protection.
As usual, we are told that they are carefully monitored. Unfortunately, we know the song ...

To affirm its commitment to protect the tiger, the Indian government decides to reduce by 25% the budget allocated for its protection?!

Watchtowers equipped with thermal cameras will be installed on the southern edge of Corbett, to control the movements of animals and poachers.

The result of the tiger census will be announced in late March.

January in Corbett : 4 tigers are dead.
Male tiger killed in Corbett Tiger, Hindustan Times, 27 Jan 2011
A male tiger was shot dead on Thursday afternoon in Ramnagar forest division, post protest from villagers of Sunderkhal adjoining Corbett .
Tiger, tigress found dead in Corbett Park, The Hindu, 26 Jan 2011

A tiger in Kalagarh area and a tigress in Sadil dam area of the Corbett Tiger Reserve were found dead on Tuesday.
Big cat reported shot in Corbett Reserve, The Pioneer, 12 Jan 2011
The shooters pressed into service by the department fired eight rounds

on Tuesday night to kill the suspected big cat. However, they had failed to track any wounded big cat or its carcass till the filing of the report.
January 2011
9+ 1 = 10
Tigers dead
Corbett UT Chadrapur MP
Corbett x2 UT
Satpura MA
Kaziranga AS
Corbett UT
Mudumalai TN
Periyar KER
Orang AS
For India, a study of WPSI announces 58 tigers dead officially in 2010. 30 were poached.
The Maddhya Pradesh come on top of states for the largest number of casualties. Assam coming in 2nd place with 9 tigers killed, including 5 from Kaziranga.

Four gaurs, Indian bison, were transferred to Bandhavagrh from Kanha.
Twenty animals are expected to repopulate the park where these animals have become extinct since 1998.

Five cubs bear and two adults were rescued by Wildlife SOS and police have arrested three poachers. These animals were used to Chinese pharmacopoeia. The cubs' paws had to be cut off to make soup for luxury restaurants. The rescued bears will go to the shelter located in Agra.

Two poachers have just been arrested. On 14 november they had killed one of the 5 tigers relocated to Sariska. Their chief was arrested in december.

Two rhinos were transferred to Manas park to restore the population decimated by poachers.

A tigress and her cubs came out of Ranthambore. She moved close to a village. Danger.

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